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Leaflets - Handbills as a cost-saving solutions and significant role in the development of the enterprise market. Paper material, printing technology, good design aesthetic will help pamphlets, handbills promoting the best that the task entrusted to the company.

Your Company prepares launch, upcoming products, new services or promotions are there? Do you intend to open a seasoned classroom, teaching dance, teaching English ...? You are about to organize a program of events such as fairs, concerts ...? What you need is the quality flyers!









Despite the small size and pedestrians only a few seconds to look at your flyers, but also achieve certain efficiencies in the delivery of information to customers and also is the first image that contact with your customers, to organize / store / your business.

With a team of design and production of more than 5 years of experience, has worked with over 150 customers like Samsung, Nokia and shops, large and small stores across the country, Printing Nano Buzz will give you an address Cheap flyer printing top quality.


Why can we print flyers cheap?
Reasonable price, by printing directly from factory without intermediaries.
Design and produce professional technical team over 5 years experience.
Only use quality paper material, including paper imports.
Ink leaflets standards, not blurry, fuzzy, begrime.
Fast printing can be completed in a few hours wait.
Delivery to the customers.
We can print continuously 24/24 (if customer need and print multiple times)

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Address: Lot D_4 A2_CN, My Phuoc Industrial Park III, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam.
Tel: 0650. 3 577335 / 336 / 337                       Fax: 0650. 3 577 338
Email: inan.buzznano@gmail.com                Website: www.buzznano.vn

Thank you!