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Stamps plastic decal is one of the widely used products on the market today. Labels suitable for all types of products and particularly adaptable to the environment in outdoor conditions. Plastic Stamps have good heat resistance, printing inks do not fade in color, then the printing company can also create a protective surface layer of UV external. With the advantages of plastic decals on the stamp is often used as a label when products require high strength, heat resistant adhesive cold may well like decal car stickers, decal stickers metal equipment, beer label, on aluminum, PVC, outdoor advertising decal ...











TEM transparent plastic DECAL
Stamps plastic decal also gives us many more options beyond white plastic material such as tin decal stamp, silver stamp decal, stamp mirror, decal decals in 7 colors ... aka Stamps Decal transparent plastic can paste on the surface of many types of colors as well as on the bottles, gas stamps, stamp pitcher, tubular stamp ...
Stamps decal organic plastic back cover glass surface during the float, sleek and customizable flexibility to paste up the logical product slightly curved surfaces such as air stamps, labels motorcycles, sticker electronics, refrigeration, cosmetics stamps ..
Unlike in the normal decal paper material. In plastic decal printers require specialized and technical publishing more accurate to not distort when printed designs. Plastic decals deserves the best choice, however the cost of production or in plastic decal usually have high price if we plan to make in small quantities.

Information Decal printing
Plastic Decal Dimensions: rectangle, circle, ellipse ...
Software designed plastic decal: AI, Photoshop, Corel…
Content plastic decal: Clients send samples or use plastic decal design services our
How to print plastic decal: On TCP offset printing, flexo printing
Raw materials & plastic decal thickness: paper glue special stamps available
Hours plastic decal: Printing Services from 1 to 5 days
The number of printed plastic decal: options
Quote decal printing plastic: Customers will receive a quote in just after sending information via mail or online contact.

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