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Packaging in general and in particular carton Offset printing is the perfect enclosure of any empty. Previously packaging is mostly contained products, recently competitive market factors have increased the packaging printing as a tool to promote the image of the product is very important!
Carton three layers, five layers are offset barrel is composed of duplex layer printed brand names, product images, technical specifications, .... or to address the particular slogan, more prominent for your brand then backing into three layers carton or five layers, depending on the nature of the product and customer requirements.










Carton three layers are formed by two layers of surface waves and a class E for products with low weight and small like food or can use class B waves for larger products like container hut, distribution fertilizer .... Like three layers carton, the carton is made up of three layers laminated and two waves, depending on the needs of customers that Buzz Nano use wave AB for the big barrel weights, in addition grade barrel can be used for the product BE waves weights but narrow area such as music li barrel, player ....

Buzz Nano Plastics Company application of technology to offset background after duplex printing can add a layer shadow government, matte, UV varnish effects and will increase the life of the barrel. The last step is to create a three-layer carton, offset layers of roll-formed path is created on demand and specific to each type of product that the customer requests (also known in the printing industry is closing stages ).
With a team of professional staff and modern machinery, Buzz Nano company will help you get the perfect choice for carton packaging of their products from design consultation to the finished product. Company policies apply special incentives on cost, quality and production time, delivery to customers with bulk orders and regular.
Our company is specialized in making multicolor offset printing cartons with the following motto:

1. TOP QUALITY: Ensure our customers the best quality, design right, as required.

2. DELIVERY DATE: We comprehend the planned production of goods is very important to our customers; if a particular stage of blockage, as well as a lack of packaging, the entire system is affected. Therefore, we always focus on production planning, material focus, staffing ... to ensure delivery to customers on time.

3. COMPETITIVE PRICES: With modern production lines, experienced management team and highly skilled, enthusiastic. We are committed to providing products with competitive price in the market.

4. SUPPORT CONSULTANT - DESIGN: With many years experience in the packaging industry, we support our customers from the stage of consulting, design, to printing, to produce a product launch which perfect packaging, with preferential prices, reasonable, but the quality is not affected.

Please call for our company to be the best advice!

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